Smarter Transportation Through Experience





Not all school districts can afford to hire a full time transportation coordinator to take care of their day-to-day issues that may arise. We offer a coordination service from 4 hours to 4 days per week to help school districts oversee their day-to-day transportation issues. We can take care of looking at and evaluating new requested stops, communicating with parents on bus issues, deal with contractor issues and coming to resolutions, ensure the routes are efficient and any other needs the district associates with their student transportation. In order to help school districts afford a transportation coordinator this service can be combined with other districts.




Many school districts hire outside contractors to perform their student transportation. Because the administrative staffs within the district are dealing with the day-to-day district operations they do not always have time to ensure their transportation contractor is following the terms of their contract. We offer this auditing service to ensure the terms of the contract are being met. We will meet with the administrative staff to review the contract and the specificities the district would want audited. Then meet with the contractor to document the findings and provide documentation to the district on the results. The auditing may consist of; Number of HTS and spare buses being used, are the buses registered and lettered per the contract, is all safety equipment working, confirm that all video equipment is working, are all drivers rostered and any documentation required being kept as per the contract. The list to be audited would be created by the district in reviewing of the contract. We also would offer our services to negotiate and resolve any deficiencies with the contractor.




We offer assistance for the school district BID/RFP process. Many school districts are using old or revision after revision bid specifications. We can create or cleanup bid specifications for the school district based on their specific requests or offer suggestions based on our knowledge of the industry. We can also provide a full bid process package working with the district administration to evaluate the results and provide recommendations.




There are school districts that still perform their own in house student transportation. Many times they want to evaluate their transportation costs and determine whether they should put their transportation out to bid or continue to oversee it themselves. We offer a service in which we identify their student transportation costs and provide the district with a analysis they can compare to the market and make an educated decision. Again, we also would offer the "bidding Process Assistance" as shown above.



  • Evaluate and offer suggestions for school traffic patterns.
  • Review, correct and implement transportation policies and procedures.
  • Perform wage and benefit analysis/comparison to similiar school districts and transportation industry.
  • Review current routes performing dry runs to capture efficiencies. 
  • Analyze and create routes to move from triple or double tier routes to single tier routes.
  • Management and staff training.


STC of N.E. offers assistance in all facets of your school districts student transportation service. If you are in need of any service associated with your transportation and do not see it listed above please contact us.

We are fully insured.