Smarter Transportation Through Experience

Oyster River Cooperative School District

                 Dr. James Morse, Superintendent of Schools

                 Susan Caswell, Business Administrator


 Claremont School District

                Michael O'Neill

                 Director of Business & Finance


Timberlane Regional School District

                       Thomas Geary, Business Operations Coordinator


Hampstead School District

                 Thomas Geary, Business Operations Coordinator


Trisha Daley

                 SAU 16 Transportation Coordinator


Bill Hickey

                Executive Director of Finance and Operations


Ernie Muserallo

                Customer Relations at Mosse and Mosse

                Retired Business Administrator


Dave Jack

                Consultant for Financial Management and Operations in School 


                Retired Superintendent

                Retired Business Administrator

Peter Torrey

                Retired Business Administrator

                Portsmouth, NH School District

"Most every school district includes a student transportation component involving the management and delivery of student transportation in variety of daily settings. Elements of student transportation can involve routing & equipment logistics, driver training & supervision, vehicle purchase, repair & replacement, bidding & contracting for service, periodic performance & operational review/audit, rider & vehicle safety, school board and community interface, contracting documents, local, state and federal regulations compliance, and related insurance & legal considerations. School districts can face student transportation decisions ranging from own & operate vs. turnkey contracting, rider seat belt vs. compartmental design, maximizing route & rider efficiencies, student trip & athletic team transportation and cost vs. benefit of levels of service to name just a few. Howard (Howie) Anderson has spent over 20 years as a successful executive and account manager for a large national school student transportation provider working with school boards  & school administration in virtually all of these areas. Mr. Anderson is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and personable individual who can provide high quality service to any northern New England school district administration looking for professional assistance with student transportation matters. I know this because I worked with Mr. Anderson successfully over a number of years in my school district, and I can recommend Mr. Anderson without hesitation."


If you would like to speak with Mr. Torrey or Mr. Jack, please contact me and I will supply thier phone numbers.